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S Items Stemcell Dietary Supplement Product


S Items Dietary Supplement Product

     Supreme innovation of stem cells revitalization. A combination of stem cells of four superb fruits and vegetables that help revitalizing deteriorated cells and three superb anti-oxidants that help nourishing health with anti-aging effect so that your can have healthy and effective body functions

Active ingredients

Apple Extract

Stem cells extracted from Utterwiler Spätlauber Apple, Switzerland, have a unique feature in maintaining longevity as it:
• Keep strengthen cells
• Maintain cells moisture
• Boost up stem cells formation
• Has anti-wrinkle effect that keep young-looking skin

Grape Extract

Stem cells extracted from Garmay Grape, France,:
• Protect skin from degeneration causing by UV rays
• Contain Anthocyanin, an effective antioxidant which decrease wrinkle and revive skin

Rose Hip

Stem cells extracted from Mediterranean Rose Hip:
• Are rich in vitamin C helping boost up immune
• Are rich in lycopine helping against cell mutation
• Have anti-inflammatory effect, for example, reduce inflammatory process in rheumatoid

Blueberry Extract

Stem cells extracted from blueberries:
• Reduce risk to heart disease
• Reduce cell mutation
• Relieve symptoms causing by many respiratory diseases, such as asthma
• Prevent retina from aging degenerative process
• Boost up body immune and against bacteria
• Boost up memory

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha-Lipoic Acid is called ‘universal antioxidant’ as it:
• Prevent skin damage causing by sunlight
• Is an antioxidant that affect the whole body
• Prevent cells from degenerative damage causing by free radicals
• Restore deteriorated skin
• Reduce both comedone and inflammatory acnes


L-arginine is a ‘miracle molecule’ that:
• Stimulate synthesis of nitric oxide resulting in vasodilation
• Prevent risk of hypertention, heart disease, and stroke
• Stimulate growth hormone, or an anti-aging hormone

Coenzyme Q10

• Highly effective antioxidant
• Reduces risk of heart disease
• Slow down the degenerative process of brain cells in Alzheimer’s disease or in natural aging process, for instance
• Reduce wrinkle and degeneration of skin cells


Direction: Take 1 pack of product before breakfast by tearing the pack and pour product under your tongue.

Warning : Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.


Retail Price  ₭ 383,0000
Point Value  220 PV
Product Code  1011
Contains 12 packs