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Phytovy Detox Dietary Supplement Product

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Phytovy Fiber Detox Dietary Supplement Product


     Phytovy Fiber Supplement Product Helping to Excrete Waste and Toxics in Intestine While Helping to Control Weight.



• Reduces constipation
• Reduce fat in blood
• Prevent hemorrhoids
• Make digestive system to be normal
• Loss weight in the natural way
• Reduce the amount of toxins in the gut
• Control sugar level in blood
• Prevent the colon cancer
• Improves the absorption area of nutrients


Active Ingredients

Trap the fat in the digestive, make the fat is not absorbed into the bloodstream, control fat level in blood and control the weight

Phyllium Husk Powder
Help for loss weight with the fiber that can absorb water to increase the volume in the stomach and make we feel full, increase fiber in the gastroenterology, cleans the intestines, help for digestive, eliminate toxins in the gut, reduce cholesterol levels and sugar in blood.

Fructooligosaccharide Powder
Increased good microorganisms reduce the constipation, reduces the risk of colon cancer, create immune system, resist bacteria in the digestive.

Have the soluble fiber, reduces the absorption of fat and toxins into the body, make a better cholesterol control, reduce the risk of heart disease.

Pineapple powder
Have manganese and vitamin C., control the activities of various enzymes and aids in protein metabolism, carbohydrates and fat into energy, helps in create the immunity and antioxidant.

Strawberry powder
Rich of vitamin C and vitamin A, make your skin radiant and healthy with iron, calcium, repair the worn parts of the body.

Raspberry powder
There are ver high antioxidants, reduce the risk of cancer, strengthen the immune system in the body.

Blueberry Powder
Nurture eyesight, prevent the cataracts, infections of the urinary and control sugar level in blood.

Bilberry extract
Preserve eyes, make the visibility in the dark better, make the digestive system better, and reduce the aging of skin cells that causes freckles and dark spots.

Spinach powder
Rich of vitamin A, folate, beta-carotene, vitamin C, iron, calcium and fiber.

Guar Gum Powder
Dispersed in cold water, absorbed water quickly so its provide a high viscosity, makes you feel full and reduce the hunger.

Alfalfa Extract
Eliminate toxins from the blood and the body, reduce the waste residue on the skin, clean the blood and make the circulatory system better, make bright and radiant skin.

Apples Extracts
There are a lot of fiber, control cholesterol and sugar level in blood, decreased appetite, stimulate the activation of antioxidant.

Wheatgrass Powder
Have a chlorophyll, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and very high vitamins, eliminates remain toxic out of the body, prevent cancer, enhance the body’s energy and balance to the body.


Retail Price  ₭ 330,0000
Point Value  200 PV
Product Code  1008
Quantity (18g) 15 packs