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Nutriga Dietary Supplement Product Helping to Strengthen

Nutriga Dietary Supplement Product for Healthy Helping to Strengthen Immune System and Resisting Cellular


Ingredient Properties


Beta-glucan is rich in polysaccharides. Thus, it helps to boost immunity, reduce cholesterol absorption and prevent high blood pressure as well as heart disease. It also helps to control blood sugar and prevent diabetes. As for skin benefits, beta-glucan helps to stimulate skin regeneration which makes acne scars heal faster. Besides, it promotes the production of collagen in the skin layer and, therefore,it is anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.


L-cysteine is a type of amino acid which is the initial substance for the production of glutathione. Thus, it helps to increase the amount of glutathione in the body which helps to fight against free radicals, the cause of deterioration and aging. Consequently, the skin will become brighter while blemishes, freckles and dark spots are less visible. Besides, L-cysteine helps to detox the body and stimulate the immune system.

Lingzhi Mushroom Extract

This famous extract helps to enhance the body’s immune system, inhibit cancer cells, control the levels of blood fats and blood sugar, prevent ischemic heart disease and inhibit the destruction of liver cells. Moreover, it is a powerful, anti-aging antioxidant.

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng extract plays a role in restoring body balance (Yin-Yang). This precious extract helps to boost up energy, relieve the symptoms of fatigue, insomnia and lack of appetite, control the levels of blood cholesterol and blood sugar, restore the immune system and boost the metabolism process, resulting in the increased level of energy.

L-arginine Hydrochloride

This substance is a type of amino acid that stimulates the body’s production of nitric oxide which helps to enlarged arteries. It also encourages the release of growth hormone which is an important hormone for the maintenance of youth, age defiance and immunity boost.

Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium ascorbate increases the levels of Vitamin C and Calcium in the body. It also boosts the level of antioxidants, strengthens the body’s immune system and stimulates the production of collagen for the skin.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

This extract helps to increase the oxygen level in blood and boost energy. Moreover, it helps to enlarge arteries, enhance the efficiency of blood circulation, maintain the balance of cholesterol level and reduce inflammation. For men, it also boosts sexual potency.

Grape Seed Extract

It is an antioxidant which is 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 50 times stronger than Vitamin E. Grape seed extract helps to fight against the destruction of collagen and elastin in the skin caused by free radicals. Also, it helps to prevent premature wrinkles and lighten the area of dark skin color, resulting in brighter and more radiant skin. Also, the extract enhances blood circulation and strengthens arteries.

Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract consists of proanthocyanidins, the highly-efficient antioxidants which helps to strengthen arteries, reduce the chance of heart disease and prevent allergies by inhibiting the production of histamine. In terms of skin care, pine bark extract can help to reduce blemishes, freckles and dark spots as well as hinder the disintegration of collagen and elastin. Therefore, it helps to slow down the appearance of premature wrinkles and make the skin more radiant


Take 1 pill before going to bed.

Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.


Retail Price  ₭ 438,000 
Point Value 280 PV
Product Code 1009 
Contains 30 pills

ະ​ລິດ​ຕະ​ພັນເສີມ​ອາ​ຫານ ນູທີກ້າ (Nutriga)