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Nu Oxy Dietary supplement product

        Nu Oxy Extract innovation “The best natural nutrients” 129 nutrient sources with high performance Balance the function of the body


  Nu Oxy contains of essential minerals for the body 78 species (34 species from the old plant on land since the primitive era) from land that has not been pioneering and another 44 species undisturbed by the toxins in the sea south of New Zealand and also provides 34 enzymes and amino acids 17 types so the total were 129 kinds. The minerals in Nu Oxy were derived from nature without alcohol, no glucose and can extract from the cryogenic


Properties of Ingredients

It was the essential minerals to the existence of life. Oxygen provides a life and energy to every cell of life. Getting less oxygen would not be desirable for the body. It affects all body systems, including make a strange production of chemicals in the body.

It was a substance that body needs to build and repair body parts in both of the immune system and many organs including the substance for produce the cells of body.

It was a one essential element to all living things because it was an important component of amino acids in the body.

It’s help hemoglobin in red blood cells to released the oxygen for cells of the body use to sustain life.

Its helps wounds heal faster and reduce allergy symptoms.

Help the body burn sugar better, give more energy to the body and strengthen blood vessels and organs at the same time.

It’s need for red blood cell production, tissue fibrosis production and also involves with melanin production in the skin.

It was an important substance that Thyroid gland used to produce hormones, which were very important to body growing for produce the cells, nerve fibers, bone and mental health to be better.

Used to produce hemoglobin and protein that carries oxygen circulation throughout the body, take a part in the production of some hormones, produce tissue fibrosis cells, an intermediary brain neurotransmitters and repair the body’s immune system.

It was an antioxidant, play a key role in the chemical reactions involved with energy production, the creation of nerve cells, helps in the digestion process, make the muscle spasms and bone formation.

Helps the body to remain healthy, detox the sodium sulfate and compounds of sulfur.

Helps to prevent cancer and heart disease and also stimulates the immune system to the body.

Has contributed to the production of body structure and network of cells as well as the production of enzymes more than 200 types and also important in wound healing.

How to eat
Pour Nu Oxy 8 drops in clean water or juice 1 cup (250 ml.) stir it with a plastic spoon; drink 2-3 times a day (shake the bottle before use)


Retail Price 650,000 ₭ 
Point Value 400 PV
Product Code 1018 
Quantity 30 ml