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Click Plus Dietary supplement product for Women

        Dietary supplement product for Women This product helps to balance body’s hormones as well as helps to improve body’s immune system leading to naturally smooth and bright skin.



Properties of Ingredients

Helps to relieve period pains caused by contraction of womb during menstruation. It also helps to heal Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and solve the problem of irregular menstruation. It helps to heal low and high blood content, embolism, and vaginal dryness.
It also helps to remove lochia and restore womb after laboring. Moreover, it also helps to relieve hot flushes, insomnia of postmenopausal women, improve estrogen hormone, and nourish skin.

Has the ability to build strong blood. Add strength of white blood cells, Improve sexual performance, Female infertility and strength Of the ovary

It is consisted of phytoestrogen helping to increase bone density and nourish your skin while brightening your skin. Moreover, it is also consisted of Isoflavone helping to relieve menopausal symptom, vaginal dryness, and unstable emotion.

Diosgenin is classified as a kind of Phytoestrogen helping to balance estrogen hormone, relieve unstable emotion and other symptoms of menopause as well as relieve premenstrual symptoms and enlarge breasts.

This extract helps to relieve inflammatory caused by acne as well as moisturize your skin. It is also contained with Vitamin A and B2 helping to nourish your skin properly. Tannin in green tea helps to eliminate excessive oil and maintain skin flexibility. Catechin contained in green tea helps to restrain melanin generation that is the cause of blemish, freckles, and spots.

It is contained with higher amount of VitaminC than that of oranges by 30-80 times helping to reinforce VitaminC function for reaching the ultimate efficiency and helping to reduce premature wrinkles while tightening and smoothening your skin.

It is consisted of antioxidants helping to prevent premature gaining wrinkles as well as reduce existing wrinkles. It also helps to brighten your skin to be radiant as well as helps to slow down skin degeneration. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

It is extracted from Maritime Pines in France consisted of flavonoid extracts with Polyphenol structure consisted of antioxidants with higher efficiency than that of Vitamin C by 20 times and better than Vitamin E by 50 times.

This Pomegranate Extract is obtained from the special strain from Spain that is plentiful of polyphenols providing excellent antioxidant property helping to reduce wrinkles and dullness while inhibiting melanin production and stimulating skin cells turnover. Moreover, Ellagic Acid contained in pomegranates also helps to inhibit melanin production stimulated by UV.

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Tripeptide
It is the collagen obtained from freshwater fish imported from Japan helping to restore skin health and improve skin flexibility and moisture. Consequently, your skin will be brightened and younger. In addition, it also stimulates the production of artery and tissues while helping to nourish your hair and nails.

It is the extract obtained from tomatoes with intensive lycopene by 10%. It is considered as the high quality material imported from Switzerland. It is considered as the anti-oxidant that is better than beta-carotene by double time and alpha-tocopherol by 10 times helping to relieve severity of skin cancer as well as helping to slow down degeneration of kin cells making your skin pinkish, bright, and radiant without any sensitivity to sunlight.

It contains intensive Black Pepper Extract imported from India consisted of Piperine helping to burn fat and accelerate existing fat burning as well as helping to reduce new fat accumulation while stimulating digestive system and improving the efficiency in absorbing nutrients and vitamins.

It is classified as the excellent anti-oxidant helping to prevent oxidation of fat substance and protect skin from wrinkles and scars. In addition, it also helps to absorb free radicals in fibers and reinforce cellular walls making your skin stronger and more durable against UV of sunlight

It is the high efficient anti-oxidant helping to nourish your skin to be healthy and bright while reducing spots and slowing down degeneration of your skin.

Direction: Take 1 capsule before going to bed.
Warning: Please read instructions and warning carefully before consuming.


Retail Price ₭ 320,000
Point Value 240 PV
Product Code 1020
Contains 30 Capsules