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Benfite’ Toothpaste ยาสีฟันเบนฟิเต้

     Benfite Toothpaste  It is the latest innovation of toothpaste for strong teeth and gum but gentle for your mouth. With its SLS FREE formula, it is suitable with everyone in the family. Moreover, it is also consisted of all benefits for oral care and it is also safe for enamel. With hydrated silica, it helps to whiten your teeth gently while helping to eliminate plaque for cleaner and brighter teeth. It is mixed with various types of herbal extract integrated with Nano Triclosan helping to reduce accumulation of bacteria in oral cavity and bad breath. It helps to refresh your breath for long period as well as look after your teeth and gum with Potassium Nitrate, Creatine, and Vitamin C.


9 Benefits of Benfite Toothpaste

  • Reduce accumulation of bacteria
  • Eliminate plaque and tartar.
  • Brighten your teeth
  • Moisten your oral cavity.
  • Relieve inflammation
  • Relieve hyper-sensitive teeth.
  • Nourish and strengthen your teeth and gum.
  • Eliminate bad breath.
  • Refresh your breath throughout the day.

Active Ingredient

It helps to protect oral mucosa by preventing damage of plasma membrane while maintaining oral water and oral mucosa for moistening and reducing dry mouth. Moreover, it also helps to resist periodontal disease by stimulating the growth of Fibroblast helping to strengthen teeth and gum.

Hydrated Silica
It has high cleaning efficiency but gentle without destroying enamel. With micrometer particles helping to eliminate plaque and dirt properly, it helps to reduce accumulation of bacteria that is the cause of bad breath and gum disease. Moreover, it is also safe and preferred using in premium products.

Nano Triclosan
With 100 nm particles contained with triclosan, it is active to inhibit bacteria that are the cause of gum disease and decayed tooth properly. Consequently, it helps to reduce plaque and bad smell.

Potassium Nitrate
It helps to fill small holes among tooth’s surface and nerve therefore it helps to inhibit feeling transfer process at the tip of tooth’s nerve. Consequently, it helps to relieve and protect hyper-sensitive tooth after consecutive using.

Vitamin C
It helps to resist free radicals with the property in improving body’s immune system, nourishing, and strengthening gum.

Peppermint oil
It is natural peppermint oil helping to inhibit bacteria while balancing and reducing pain as well as giving fresh odor leading to liveliness.

Clove oil
Clove oil helps to relieve pain and inflammation of gum and teeth.

Myrrh extract
It is consisted of some essential oil with the property of anti-bacteria helping to reduce bacteria accumulation therefore it helps to prevent periodontal disease.

Echinacea extract
It helps to strengthen your gum with the property of anti-inflammation helping to relieve pain caused by periodontal disease.

It is a kind of sweetening agent that is not the food of bacteria helping to reduce accumulation of oral bacteria therefore it helps to prevent decayed tooth.


Retail Price ₭ 59,000
Point Value 40 PV
Product Code 2001
Contains 150g